Paf Masters live stream

Paf Masters 2018

18‒21 October 2018 / Eckerö, Åland

The Paf Masters is an international women’s curling event on the World Curling Tour. The event takes place 18‒21 October 2018 on the Åland Islands (in Finland) at the Curling Arena in Eckerö.

The competition begins with 10 teams playing in two Round Robin groups of 5 teams each. The winner from each group will go direct to the semi-final. The second and third from each group will go to the playoffs.

1st place €8500
2nd place €4500
3rd place €3000
4th place €2000

Teams line up

These ten teams will compete at the Paf Masters 2018

Sweden (Team Wranå)
Sweden’s best junior team with championship titles every year since 2014. Skip Isabella Wranå led them to victory in the Junior World Championships in 2017. The reigning Olympic champion Jennie Wåhlin also stars in their team and they are ranked 19 in the world.

Latvia (Team Stabulniece)
The team finished second in the Latvian Junior Curling Championships 2018. They also secured a second place in this years Riga International Curling Challenge.

Japan (Team Yoshimura)
Skip Sayaka Yoshimura played with Team Ogasawara at the Paf Masters last year and now she’s back as skip of her own team. As a junior Sayaka was Asian champion three times. They finished third in this season’s first tournament and are currently ranked 24 in the world.

Finland (Team Kauste)
Finland’s national team with skip Oona Kauste has dominated Finnish curling for many years and have a European bronze as their best result. Oona comes from one of Finland’s most famous curling families and has represented Åland Curling Club team for several years now. They are ranked 60 in the world.

Sweden (Team Sundberg)
This young Swedish team led by skip Tova Sundberg played their first season in the Swedish top division last year. They won the Nordic Junior tournament on Åland in 2018. The team is ranked 79 in the world.

China (Team Di Zhang)
China are putting lots of resources into curling in the run-up to their home Winter Olympics in Peking in 2022. Team Di Zhang from Changchung have a fourth from last year’s Chinese Championships as their best result. They are ranked 112 in the world.

Latvia (Team Rudzite)
Latvian curling champions in 2017 and 2018. The team will represent Latvia in the European Curling Championships 2018. The team also participated in Paf Masters 2017.

China (Team Li Jun Zhang)
Team Li Jun Zhang are a young team from Harbin that have a fourth place in the Chinese National Selection Competition as their best result. This team represented China at the Junior World Championships in 2017 and are ranked 155 in the world.

Switzerland (Team Fellmann)
This new young team finished fifth in the Swiss top division last season. Their skip Aline Fellman recently guided them to the quarter-final of the last international women’s curling event on the World Curling Tour in the Scottish town of Perth. They have two challenger tour wins as their best results.

Finland (Team Hansen)
Skip Mari Hansen and her team represented Finland at the last two over-50 World Curling Championships with a fifth place as their best result. They have played on the World Curling Tour since 2016 and are based at the Åland Curling Club.

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Game Schedule

Group A

Wranå (SWE)
Sundberg (SWE)
Fellmann (SUI)
Team Rudzite (LAT)
Hansen (FIN)

Group B

Yoshimura (JPN)
Kauste (FIN)
Di Zhang (CHN)
Li Jun Zhang (CHN)
Stabulniece (LAT)

All times in Finnish time
* Live stream (English commentary)

Thursday, 18 October
12:30 (A) Hansen-Wranå
12.30 (B) Stabulniece - Yoshimura *
16:30 (A) Fellman-Sundberg
16.30 (B) Di Zhang - Kauste *
20:30 (A) Team Rudzite-Hansen
20.30 (B) Li Jun Zhang - Stabulniece *

Friday, 19 October
09:00 (A) Wranå-Fellman
09:00 (B) Yoshimura-Di Zhang *
12:30 (A) Sundberg-Team Rudzite
12:30 (B) Kauste-Li Jun Zhang *
16:00 (A) Hansen-Fellman *
16:00 (B) Stabulniece-Di Zhang
19:30 (A) Team Rudzite-Wranå *
19:30 (B) Li Jun Zhang-Yoshimura

Saturday, 20 October
08:30 (A) Sundberg-Hansen *
08:30 (B) Kauste Stabulniece
12:00 (A) Fellman-Team Rudzite *
12:00 (B) Di Zhang-Li Jun Zhang
15:30 (A) Wranå-Sundberg *
15:30 (B) Yoshimura-Kauste
19:30 Playoff B2-A3 *
19:30 Playoff A2-B3

Sunday, 21 October
10:00 Semifinal A1-B2 / A3
10:00 Semifinal B1-A2 / B3 *
14:30 Petit FINAL
14:30 Paf Masters FINAL *

(The game schedule can be changed by the organisers)

Åland Curling Arena

The Paf Masters is played at the Åland Islands Curling Arena in Eckerö, located about 30 km from the city of Mariehamn. Entrance to the venue is free throughout the competition and you can follow the action from up close!

Ålands Curling AB
Käringsundsvägen 22
AX-22 270 Eckerö, Åland


The winners of Paf Masters 2017, Team Jung Kim from South Korea.

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World Curling Tour

The Paf Masters event is part of the Women’s World Curling Tour. The World Curling Tour was created in 1992 and the WCT introduced a series of Grand Slam events for men in 2001, which were followed by Grand Slam events for women in 2006. Most WCT events are held in the autumn or early winter to avoid competing with the Brier Playdowns.

The winner of the 2017 Paf Masters title and €8,500 was Team EunJung Kim from South Korea. The team went on to win the silver medal in the Olympic final against the Swedish team led by Anna Hasselborg.